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Short Boards

Bonzer Shrimp
BBQ grilled bacon-wrapped shrimp served over top a smoked Gouda grit cake

Smoked Gouda Grit Cake
A Bonzer original.

Stuffed Japps
Shack made jalapeños stuffed with our smooth, seasoned cream cheese and baked – not fried. Served with spicy cucumber salad. They’re HOT! No refunds, no take backs, no do overs!

Flight Simulators
Market Price
Grilled and sweet with some heat. The BEST Chicken Wings in the Solar System! Ask any alien!

BBC – Black Bean and Corn Cakes
Shack-made black bean & corn cakes served with cool & creamy lime sour cream on the side

Fried Plantains
Island fav! Sweet plantains served with a creamy coconut curry dipping sauce

BOFF (Basket of French Fries!)

Fried Green Tomatoes
Seasoned green tomato slices fried golden brown and served with a smoked jalapeño remoulade

Hippie Dip
Party in a bowl with seasoned refried beans, topped with sour cream, cheddar cheese, scallions, black olives & pico de gallo. Served with shack corn tortilla chips

Quag’s Queso
Smooth sailing with Bonzer’s creamy queso dip. Served with tortilla chips


Shack Salads

All Bonzer Salads are served with your choice of homemade dressings:
Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Sweet Chili Vinaigrette and Creamy Curry

Top any Salad with Grilled Shrimp, Fish, Chicken or Black Bean Cake for $6.99
Top any Salad with a Crab Cake…Market Price

Shack Salad
Cool lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, and carrots. Topped with crispy fried leeks

Super Shack Salad
Fresh salad greens, tomatoes, cukes, carrots, and goat cheese topped with fried plantains, fried leeks and our curry dressing

Top any Salad
with Grilled Shrimp, Fish, Chicken
or Black Bean Cake
Crab Cake…Market


Surfin’ Sandwich Board

All Surf Sandwiches are served with Lettuce, Tomato & French Fries
Add Cheese to any Sandwich for $0.99
Choice of American, Cheddar, or Pepper Jack Cheese
Add Smoked Gouda for $1.50
Sides can be changed for an additional charge. Ask your server for details. 

Boomerang BLT
Bacon, lettuce and fried green tomatoes get cozy between warm toasted bread. Served with herb mayo

Crabby Pattie
Market Price
Shack-made specialty! Lightly seasoned fresh crab, rolled in panko bread crumbs and fried golden brown. Served with a roasted jalapeño remoulade. No filler, just KILLER!

Fish Sandwich
Market Price
Fresh local fish served with sweet chili sriracha tartar sauce

Chick Royale
Grilled BBQ chicken topped with smoked Gouda cheese and smoky applewood bacon

Surfin’ Sliders
Priced Daily
These Shack-inspired mini sliders change daily! Perfection X Two! Not always a burger, but ALWAYS good!


Bonzer Burgers

All Burgers are served with Lettuce, Tomato & French Fries.
Add Cheese: American, Pepper jack, or Cheddar 99¢ or Smoked Gouda $1.50
Add Smoked Applewood Bacon $1.99

Shack Burger
Delicious shack-seasoned, pure beef joy! Add Smoked Applewood Bacon…..$1.99

Bonzer Burger
Topped with Teriyaki glaze, a pineapple ring and wasabi mayo

Pickled Pimento Burger
Our Shack burger topped with our house-made pimento cheese and crispy fried pickles

Rasta Burger
Shack made seasoned black bean & corn burger with good vibes. Served with our lime sour cream on the side

Turkey Burger
Ground turkey with shack seasoning

Bang Bang Burger
Our shack burger topped with bang bang slaw and crispy fried onion straws


Long Boards

Dockside Entree
Market Price
Fresh fish served with mango pineapple pepper bbq sauce and served with fries and Shack slaw

Fried Shrimp
Lightly fried shrimp in our Shack-seasoned flour and served with fries and Shack slaw

Crab Mac ‘n Cheese
A mix of smoked Gouda and white American cheese in a flour tortilla bowl

Crab Cakes
No junk, no funk, this is the real deal!  Fried golden brown and served with shack slaw and fries

Shaka Bowl
Red beans, coconut rice, and spicy cucumber salad

Top any Shaka Bowl
Fish, Chicken, Grilled Shrimp, or Black Bean Cake
Market Price
Bonzer Crab Cake


Shack Tacos

All Shack Tacos include 2 Tacos. Add your favorite sides below.

Bonzo’s Jerk Chicken Tacos
Two tacos stuffed with shredded jerk-seasoned chicken with spicy cucumber salad

Queso Steak Tacos
Two tacos with sautéed shaved ribeye steak and onions in grilled flour tortillas with queso

Shrimp Tacos
Two shrimp tacos with fresh pico de gallo and lime sour cream

Fresh Fish Tacos
Market Price
Two grilled flour tortillas stuffed with shredded cabbage and cheddar cheese with fresh fish and spicy lime sour cream sauce

Veggie Tacos
Two veggie tacos with refried beans, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo join up in flour tortillas. Served with sweet plantains

Bonzer Sides

French Fries, Red Beans or Coconut Rice: $1.99
Pico De Gallo: $3.99
Tater Tots: $2.50
Shack Slaw: $2.99
R & B (Coconut Rice and Beans): $3.99
Cucumber Salad(cool cucumbers meet spicy heat): $3.99
Extra Sauce: $0.59


Thirst Quenchers

Pepsi | Diet Pepsi | Sierra Mist | Pink Lemonade | Mountain Dew | Dr. Pepper | Sweet Tea | Unsweetened Tea
Round of beers for the kitchen! Muchas Gracias! $12.99


Bonzer Desserts

Ask your server or call in for today’s yummy dessert choices!

(*Notice: The consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat, poultry,
seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness.)